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S07505 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; relates to tampering with a victim or witness through social media; establishes the crime of tampering with a witness in the first degree; establishes the crime of intimidating a victim or witness in the first degree; makes related provisions (Part D); relates to suspending the transfer of monies into the emergency services revolving loan fund from the public safety communications account (Part M); relates to information that is subject to an administrative subpoena when there is an investigation where a minor is a potential victim of certain offenses where an internet service account or online identifier may have been used in the commission of such offense (Part N); establishes the armory rental fund and requires an annual report on armory usage; relates to the effectiveness of chapter 152 of the laws of 2001 relating to military funds of the organized militia (Part O); relates to hotel tavern licenses and allowing bed and breakfasts to sell cider, liquor, beer and wine (Part Q); relates to the production and sale of mead and braggot, includes tastings and the sale of such by retail and wholesale licensees (Part R); extends the state commission on the restoration of the capitol for five years (Part T); relates to the transfer of unappropriated state lands (Part U); establishes the parking service fund, the solid waste fund, and the special events fund (Part V); creates a self-sufficient retirement savings program in the form of an automatic enrollment payroll deduction IRA, and establishes an administrative board responsible for promoting greater retirement savings for private sector employees in a convenient, low-cost, and transferable manner (Part X); relates to the investment of surplus funds of the state insurance fund (Part Y); relates to the citizen empowerment tax credit in relation to the dissolution of a village (Part CC); relates to the election of one or more town justices for two or more towns (Part DD); relates to the town of Islip resource recovery agency (Part FF); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2018-19 budget and authorizes certain payments and transfers; relates to the school tax relief fund and to payments, transfers and deposits; relates to funding project costs undertaken by non-public schools; relates to funding project costs for certain capital projects; relates to the issuance of bonds in relation to financing of the correctional facilities improvement fund and the youth facility improvement fund; relates to housing program bonds and notes; relates to the issuance of bonds related to the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund; relates to the issuance of bonds by the dormitory authority; relates to the issuance of bonds by the urban development corporation; relates to state environmental infrastructure projects; authorizes the urban development corporation to issue bonds to fund project costs for the implementation of a NY-CUNY challenge grant program and increases the bonding limit for certain state and municipal facilities; increases the bonding limit for certain public protection facilities; increases the aggregate amount of bonds to be issued by the New York state urban development corporation; relates to the financing of the peace bridge and transportation capital projects; relates to dormitories at certain educational institutions other than state operated institutions and statutory or contract colleges under the jurisdiction of the state university of New York; relates to bonds and mental health facilities improvement notes; relates to funding certain capital projects and the issuance of bonds; relates to increasing the amount of authorized matching capital grants; relates to increasing the amount of bonds authorized to be issued; and provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof (Part GG); prohibits sex offenders from being placed in shelters used by families with children and from entering within one thousand feet of a kindergarten or pre-kindergarten facility or institution (Part II); establishes incapacity to consent when a person is under arrest, in detention, or otherwise in actual custody of a police officer, peace officer, or other law enforcement official and the actor is a police officer, peace officer or other law enforcement official (Part JJ); authorizes the dormitory authority to construct and finance certain juvenile detention facilities (Part LL); relates to the financing and construction of facilities by the dormitory authority for Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State and any of its not-for-profit members (Part MM); relates to disability retirement for members of the department of environmental conservation, forest rangers, university police officers and the regional state park police (Part NN); provides that uniformed court officers and peace officers employed in the unified court system shall be entitled to accidental disability retirement if they sustain injuries as the result of a physical assault by an assailant suffered while in service (Part OO); relates to death benefits for certain members under the jurisdiction of the department of corrections and community supervision (Part PP); relates to sick leave for officers and employees with a qualifying World Trade Center condition (Part QQ); amends the supplementary medical insurance benefit reimbursement amount to include additional charges other than the premium charge; defines health benefit plan of supplementary medical insurance benefits (Part RR); includes SUNY police officers for purposes of presumption regarding impairment caused by heart disease (Part SS); relates to the determination of state contributions for certain benefits provided pursuant to collective bargaining agreements (Part TT); relates to new towns; ensures that certain school districts are eligible for incentive building aid in the event that such school district experiences a loss of taxable property (Part UU); relates to the public safety communications surcharge; provides that up to the sum of thirty-four million dollars annually may be allocated for services and expenses that support the operations and mission of the division of homeland security and emergency services as appropriated by the legislature (Part VV); authorizes the taxation of certain lands owned by the state in Bowman Lake State Park (Part WW); relates to the requirement for certain sex offenders who are on probation or parole, or conditionally released to reside certain distances from school grounds (Part XX); establishes the class B felony of criminal sale of a controlled substance upon the grounds of a drug or alcohol treatment center (Part YY); relates to the possession and sale of substances containing heroin in certain weights and packaging (Part ZZ); amends various provisions prohibiting the sale of controlled substances; includes sale of certain compounds (Part AAA); relates to criminal sale of a controlled substance containing carfentanil (Part BBB); relates to body imaging scanning equipment including proper registration, limitations and reporting of use (Part CCC); directs the commissioner of corrections and community supervision to establish contraband screening at correctional facilities (Part DDD); relates to the appropriation of funds for the training of firefighters (Part EEE); relates to annual earnings limitations for retired police officers employed as school resource officers (Part FFF); relates to school safety; relates to acts of terrorism and the New York state intelligence center (Subpart A); relates to peace officers who are retired police officers employed by a school district as a school resource officer (Subpart B); relates to an intentional act or continuing course of action that would cause serious physical harm to ten or more people (Subpart C); and relates to violence committed on school grounds (Subpart D) (Part GGG); provides that certain members of the state police who have held a respective position for a period of three consecutive years or more may be removed or demoted from such assignment or appointment only after a hearing; makes related provisions (Part HHH); relates to disability retirement benefits for sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, undersheriffs and correction officers in Nassau County (Part III); provides for the equalization of retirement benefits for police officers across the state (Part JJJ); establishes the payment of certain volunteer firefighter and volunteer ambulance worker death benefits shall be within ninety days of the filing of application to receive such death benefit (Part KKK); establishes the deceased police officer, firefighter and emergency medical services family housing assistance program within the department of audit and control to provide monthly payments to the dependent families of deceased police officers, paid firefighters and paid municipal emergency medical services personnel who died in the course of their duties; provides that such monthly payments, not in excess of $1,000, shall be for the rent or mortgage payment on the primary residence of the family (Part LLL); enacts provisions for the protection of the health, safety and employment rights of persons suffering employment loss from the closure of nuclear electric plants (Part MMM); relates to allowing patrons to remove alcohol from any holder of a license to sell beer, cider, liquor, or wine at retail for consumption off the premises if the licensed premises is located within a leisure and recreation district and the patron remains within the boundaries of the leisure and recreation district (Part NNN); relates to the powers and duties of the receiver of taxes and assessments and school boards (Part OOO); provides that component school districts cannot impose a tax levy for their share of the board of cooperative educational services capital expenditures (Part PPP); establishes that final assessment rolls or rolls upon which taxes are to be levied shall include the change in assessed value for each property on the exempt side of the tax rolls under a payment in lieu of a tax agreement (Part QQQ); relates to agencies adopting emergency rules (Part RRR); relates to improving evaluations of the potential impact of rules on jobs and employment opportunities (Part SSS); establishes a task force for the review of the state administrative procedure act (Part TTT); relates to regulatory fines for small businesses; provides that no state agency shall fine a small business for a first violation of such agency's regulations (Part UUU); provides that each agency shall designate an existing employee to serve as its liaison to small businesses regulated by such agency; further provides the duties of such small business liaison (Part VVV); relates to the filing of objections to agency rules by the administrative regulations review commission (Part WWW); relates to providing the administrative regulations review commission with the ability to delay the adoption of proposed administrative rules (Subpart A); relates to assessing the time needed by small businesses and local governments to comply with new regulations (Subpart B); modifies certain rule making procedures (Subpart C); increases the revised rule public comment period from thirty days to forty-five days (Subpart D) (Part XXX); establishes a personal income tax credit to preceptor clinicians who provide preceptor instruction (Part YYY); relates to petitions for alternate methods of implementing regulatory mandates (Subpart A); relates to unfunded mandate review (Subpart B) (Part ZZZ); establishes the commission on Roosevelt Avenue to study and make recommendations relating to crime and economic development on such avenue in the borough of Queens, between 49th Street and 114th Street (Part AAAA); enacts the youth violence prevention task force act and provides for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof (Part BBBB); relates to a "problem solving court" (Part CCCC); establishes the New York state 2020 complete count commission and provides for its powers and duties (Part DDDD); and relates to the definition of a gravity knife (Part EEEE).
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