Raia Awards 2011 ‘There Ought To Be A Law’ Poster Contest Winners

June 22, 2011

Assemblyman Raia discusses new law ideas while enjoying cookies and milk with the winners, (left to right) Sam Liberman, Lauren Thompson, and Sterling Thompson.

Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R, I, C – East Northport) presented special awards to three local students who participated in his 2011 “There Ought to Be a Law” Poster Contest. The contest was open to elementary students attending schools in the 9th Assembly District. The contest asked students to create posters displaying ideas that they would like to see become laws.

The winning posters included ideas about stricter safety regulations for nuclear power plants, new litter laws, and laws related to bullying. Assemblyman Raia discussed these ideas with the children and informed them of current legislation pertaining to their ideas. The children shared cookies and milk with the assemblyman and each earned the title of “Assembly Kid of the Day.”

“It is important that students are able to share their ideas and be heard,” said Raia. “This was an excellent way for young students to learn about New York State’s legislative process in addition to being a good outlet for their creative talents. I hope that this contest fosters our students’ interest in politics and government.”