#2aletsmakeadeal: Using Budget Negotiations To Push for Second Amendment Rights

Legislative Column from Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,C,I,Ref-Newport)
March 3, 2017

Recently in Albany, I unveiled legislation that would repeal portions of the SAFE Act throughout upstate New York and Long Island. This proposal would remove some of the most egregious violations of our Second Amendment rights and other policies contained within the governorís gun-grab law that would cost taxpayers millions of dollars. My repeal legislation piggybacks on years of state policies that have emphasized and highlighted the differences in our values throughout the various regions of our state.

Some people who are skeptical of lawmakers and the government have asked me, ďWhat is the point of carrying legislation like this?Ē Well, I proudly crafted this bill with the knowledge that a real discussion about our regional differences in the state needs to take place. I wrote this legislation with my constituents and all law-abiding gun owners in mind, who have been dictated to by a small concentrated source of power in New York City.

Upstate New Yorkers have been steadfast in helping to preserve our traditions and heritage, making our region a haven for outdoor sports enthusiasts, despite hostility from progressive New York City politicians. Simply enough, fighting for our cultural heritage and our constitutional rights is reason enough.

Since I wrote the first iteration of the bill last year, it originally applied to upstate New York alone, and, already, I had to redraft it to include Long Island and Westchester County due to their groundswell of support for my bill. It continues to gain support.

When I unveiled my bill in Albany on March 1, we had significant support from Senate Majority members, including our senate sponsor, Senator Ortt. Thatís a great start. Further still, I believe itís a workable piece of legislation that more moderate upstate Assembly and Senate members should comfortably support, especially when their constituents show their support for the bill.

But more pointedly, the surest way to get Albany to respond is to push for my repeal legislation to be included in budget negotiations. After all, the governor and New York City progressive Politicians have been pushing for ďRaise the AgeĒ legislation be included in the state budget, a policy which could be detrimental to public safety and would allow violent criminals to skirt responsibility simply because of their age. Iíd say the budget is fair game at this point. If politicians want to make New Yorkers less safe with foolhardy policy like that, donít you think the rest of us have the right to remove policy that impedes our right to protect ourselves?

Iíll be sharing more about my repeal legislation and how we can push the budget narrative to include more serious discussions about how we can reverse the damage of the so-called SAFE Act. You can learn more about my legislation (A.6140) by contacting my office 315-866-1632 or by emailing me at butlerm@nyassembly.gov.

Iíve been saying this a lot lately, ďWhen we respect our differences, we all benefit.Ē