Passed Legislation


A1500-A: Allows the Commissioner of the Office of Mental Health to designate Security Hospital Treatment Assistants as peace officers

A2318-D: Authorizes fire companies to prohibit sex offenders from becoming firefighters

A5294-A: Establishes the Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention program in the Department of Health

A6074-A: Requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to include all sex crimes of an offender on the registered sex offender database

A6442-A: Removes the requirement for annual visual inspections of school buildings

A7909: Grants employees of employers, which provide services pursuant to the mental hygiene law, protection from retaliatory actions for the reporting of certain violations

A8570: Authorizes the City of Middletown to sell or pledge delinquent liens held by such city

A8962: Relates to the residency of the Wallkill comptroller wherein the person holding such position does not need to live in the Town

A9443: Authorizes the Town of Wallkill, County of Orange, to elect a third town justice

A9605A: Relates to investigations to ensure the safety and rights of an individual with a disability or a vulnerable person

A9733-A: Makes technical changes to the Protection of People with Special Needs Act

A9768-A: Requires providers of inpatient and/or outpatient services to mentally ill or developmental disabled persons to comply with operational standards

A10160: Relates to heroin and opioid addiction wraparound services demonstration program


A1101B: Authorizes pharmacies to take back controlled substances

A1394-A: Prohibits the throwing of the contents of a toilet bowl on an employee of a correctional facility

A1398-A: Authorizes boards of cooperative educational services to enter into contracts with public libraries for high-speed telecommunications services

A1629: Increases the revenue threshold for annual audit of fire districts

A2316-B: Requires facilities to perform pulse oximetry screenings on newborns

A6121: Waives biennial registration fee for voluntary ambulance services

A6731: Authorizes the city of Middletown to enter into a contract to use delinquent tax liens as collateral for a loan

A6992-A: Increases the number of visits with no prior notice that can be made to facilities operated or licensed by the office for people with developmental disabilities each year

A7246: Extends provisions of law relating to the bonding authority by the Dormitory Authority for the New York State Rehabilitation Association

A7321: Extends the authority of Sullivan County to impose a sales and compensating use tax within such county

A7904: Makes technical corrections to provisions of law relating to the Protection of People with Special Needs Act


A. 397A- Provides that insurance policies that cover annual physicals and well care visits shall allow one visit per calendar year

A. 5823A- Authorizes the governing boards of two or more municipalities which have mutually agreed to study the annexation of territory to, by joint resolution, propose the annexation of such territory, as an alternative to annexation solely by petition.

A. 8627B- Relates to the incorporation of co-operative property/casualty insurance companies and to the keeping of records by such companies.

A. 9036A- Authorizes the reestablishment of the existence of the Middletown community development agency.

A. 9107- Authorizes the commissioner of health to issue a death certificate to any applicant upon the request of a sibling of the deceased.

A. 9159- Allows the Ethelbert B. Crawford Library District in Monticello, New York to be eligible for financing through the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York.

A. 9160- Defines and fixes the exact and precise boundary line between the county of Orange and the county of Sullivan.

A. 9464- Increases the reimbursement cap for districts from $30,000 to $60,000

A. 9566- Authorizes the reopening of the twenty-five year retirement benefit plan to certain deputy sheriffs of Sullivan County who failed to make a timely election thereof.

A. 9944A- Confers authority on the state comptroller to verify and pay the claim of A. Servidone, Inc./B. Anthony Construction Corp., J.V. against the state of New York with respect to construction of a project known as the reconstruction and bridge replacement on Route 17 at Exit 122 in the Town of Wallkill, Orange County, New York.

A. 10305A- Provides eligibility for dormitory authority financing for construction of capital facilities for the Mamakating library district.

A. 10397A- Authorizes school districts to provide bussing to pre-kindergarten students.


A. 394A- Creates in law the Yearling Buck Protection Program and the five Wildlife Management Units affected

A. 409D- Increases criminal penalties when a Judge is attacked

A. 475- Permits registered physician assistants to conduct physical examinations for bus drivers

A. 1747- Authorizes nurse practitioners to sign death certificates in like manner as physicians and imposes upon nurse practitioners the same duties that physicians have

A. 2021A- Lowers the age from fourteen to twelve required for an individual to obtain a junior archery license

A. 6056A- Authorizes the town of Rockland to accept an application for real property tax exemption from the Roscoe-Rockland fire district

A. 6935- Extends the term of existence of the Middletown parking authority

A. 6953- Extend the Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) regulatory authority to manage deer hunting in the Northern Zone.

A. 7578- Extends the authority of Sullivan County to impose a sales and compensating use tax within such county

A. 7772- Extends for an additional two years the study to establish safe patient handling programs throughout the state

A. 7893- Expands the health occupation and workplace demonstration program to home health care providers

A. 7943- This will ensure that there is no conflicting language in statute that could in any way hamper the ability of the Department of Environmental Conservation to implement the intent of the original bill

A. 8337- Authorizes the Town of Thompson to establish the "Treasure Lake/Davies dam improvement district."

A.8338- Authorizes the Town of Thompson to establish the "Lake Louise Marie dam improvement district."


A. 1003A- Requires a report due to the Governor and Legislature which includes the incidence of misrepresentation by insured persons of the principal place where motor vehicles are driven and stored.

A. 9768- Authorizes the town board of the town of Rockland, in the county of Sullivan, to diminish the area of the Roscoe sewer district

A. 11516- Creates an exemption to the residency requirement for firefighters of the Huguenot Fire Co., Inc.


A. 789B- Provide support for breast feeding as the best modality to achieve infants' immediate and long term health outcomes

A. 5208A- Expand the options available to the City of Middletown to efficiently and effectively manage the collection of delinquent property taxes.

A. 7185A- Authorizes the increase of the number of trustees on the Mamakating library district board from five trustees up to fifteen trustees

A. 7745A- Authorizes the town of Deerpark to issue serial bonds

A. 8045A- Provides for an extender of 2 years for the safe patient handling demonstration program

A. 8347- Extends the authority of Sullivan County to impose a sales and compensating use tax within such county

A. 8767A- Relates to qualified capital investments at relocated vendor tracks in Sullivan County


A. 1172- Helps ensure that food for human consumption is not transported under conditions whereby it may become adulterated

A. 1206A- Requires that a registered nurse be present as a circulating nurse in an operating room where surgery is being performed

A. 6344B- Amends the insurance law, in relation to flood insurance notice

A. 6593B- Authorizes the Sullivan county legislature to appoint nine members to the Sullivan county industrial development agency

A. 6594B- Grants the Agricultural and NYS Horse Breeding Development Fund authority to transfer funds to support the works of the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame or the Goshen Historic Track in Goshen, New York

A. 7693- Permits the certification of disability, for the purpose of obtaining a handicapped parking permit, by a physician assistant

A. 9401- Allows local police departments or sheriff's offices to approve of a museum's security plan in addition to the State Police.

A. 9703- Authorizes the town of Chester, in the county of Orange, to reinstate Marc Miller as a full-time police officer

A. 10039- Authorizes of the Dormitory Authority to issue hospital and nursing home project bonds and notes from $13.4 billion dollars to $14.2 billion dollars

A. 10261A- Makes the Department of Environmental Conservation's authority to allow for bluestone mining exploration permanent

A. 10568A- Authorizes the town of Wawayanda to issue bond anticipation renewal notes and/or serial bonds for the reconstruction of the sewer plant

A. 10755- Authorizes the commissioner of general services to sell and convey certain state lands in the county of Orange, city of Middletown to the county of Orange

A. 10770A- Allows the Town of Deerpark in the County of Orange to issue bonds and bond anticipation notes to liquidate an accumulated deficit in its general and highway funds

A. 11711- Restricts consecutive hours of required work by nurses except in emergencies

A. 11744- Facilitates the investment of over one billion dollars for capital improvements at and adjacent to the Monticello Race Track


A. 1174B- Makes the age of 18 the minimum age for a female or male to be nude or topless in entertainment establishments that are not regulated by the State Liquor Authority

A. 1241A- Authorizes a museum to possess, own, collect, or purchase cutlery and knives, including automatic knives, so that these historical artifacts may be offered for public exhibition or display

A. 6721A- Legalizes transportation contracts made by the Sullivan West School District during the 2005-2006 school year

A. 7784- Authorizes the reopening of the twenty-five year retirement benefit plan to nine deputy sheriffs of Sullivan County

A. 8206- Extends the Department of Environmental Conservation's authority to manage all freshwater fish in the State

A. 8360- Amends the tax law, in relation to Sullivan County hotel or motel taxes and to authorize the county of Sullivan to imposes an additional sales and compensating use tax

A. 8702A- Amends the public health law, in relation to promoting regional perinatal data systems

A. 9089- Establishes that certain lands that were alienated by the Town of Thompson in 2000 shall not be available for public access to the residents of the Town of Thompson


A. 393- Includes the Assessor in the officials that are notified of a petition that is filed with the clerk of the Supreme Court in a small claims assessment review.

A. 399- Authorizes a five day extension to pay real property taxes for senior citizens granted a senior enhanced STAR exemption if the locality so provides.

A. 9295- Legalizes transportation contracts made by the Sullivan West School District during the 2004-2005 school year.

A. 9517A- Requires the Department of Environmental Conservation to provide copies of dam safety inspection reports to the Chief Executive Officers of municipalities where intermediate or high hazard dams are located

A. 9572C- Authorizes the city of Port Jervis to discontinue the use of and convey certain park lands to a private organization

A. 10891A- Permits registered physician's assistants and certified nurse practitioners to supervise the withdrawing of blood by designated health care personnel for the purpose of conducting a blood-alcohol test in a hospital emergency room upon the request of a police officer

A. 11467- Authorizes defendants to make electronic appearances in pending criminal actions in the county of Orange

A. 11921- Authorizes the reopening of the twenty-five year retirement benefit plan to certain correction officers of Sullivan County


A. 395- Permits farms where the real estate is owned by one family member in the process of transferring it to another family member who is the farmer to take advantage of the school tax credit

A. 1683- Allows Sullivan County and its localities to enact a local law providing a 10% real property tax exemption to certain volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers

A. 6827A- Requires the Department of Environmental Conservation to submit a report regarding bluestone mining exploration

A.6977A- Encourages every state police facility to display the prisoner of war and missing in action flag on all days on which the flag of the United States of America is displayed

A. 8514- Allows plumbing inspectors to live within a 25-mile radius of the City of Middletown