Graf Calls On Assembly Vote to Strengthen Laws against Gangs

May 8, 2017

Assemblyman Al Graf (R,C,I,Ref-Holbrook) showed support for a measure that passed the Senate today to enhance penalties associated with gang violence and recruitment, as well as provide funding to create a criminal street gang prevention fund to help subsidize non-profits working on gang prevention initiatives (S.2410). This bill has passed the Senate four times. The Assembly also has a measure that enacts the same enhanced penalties and funding (A.5477), but it has been stuck in the Codes Committee since February.

“The gang activity on Long Island is getting out of control,” said Graf. “We need to be pushing strong measures to help combat this epidemic. This is about public safety and keeping our communities safe. By increasing penalties for gang-related offenses, hopefully we will begin to see a decline in gang activity on Long Island. With just two short months left of session, I hope to see this bill come to the floor and pass overwhelmingly.”