Press Releases

Crouch & Akshar Hold Dedication Ceremony Naming “Hancock Veterans Memorial Bridge”

Crouch: Greater Transparency and Oversight for Taxpayer-Funded Projects

Fighting In Albany to Stop Corruption, Cut State Spending and Protect Your Rights

Crouch to Continue to Fight for People with Disabilities

Crouch Pleads For Tipped Workers to Commissioner Of Labor

Crouch & Akshar Dedicate Bridge In Bainbridge To Hugh A. Kearney

Crouch: Attorney General Selection and Process Victories for New York

Crouch & Akshar Dedicate Bridge in Bainbridge to Hugh A. Kearny

Crouch Joins Colleagues to Block Parole Hearing for Cop Killer

New York Receives Lowest Ranking in US for Tax Freedom Day

Crouch Weighs In On Schneiderman Resignation

Crouch Votes to Remove State Test Scores as Criteria for Teacher Evaluations

Crouch: Governor’s Veto Continues to Neglect Veterans Home Board of Visitors Positions

Governor Continues Pro-Criminal Run for White House

Crouch Highlights Hypocrisy as Assembly Majority Blocks Ethics Reform Bill

Crouch Reminds Residents about Volunteer Firefighter Push

Crouch: Albany Needs To Wake Up After Percoco Conviction

Crouch: One-House Budget Will Lead to More Taxes

Crouch Weighs In On Percoco Conviction

Crouch Calls On State to Shift Medicaid Burden from Local Municipalities