Ra Skeptical But Hopeful On 3rd Rail Project

A Statement from Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) on moving forward with the 3rd rail project
July 12, 2017

“With funding now in place for the Governor's third track project I remain skeptical but hopeful that the improvements promised to our communities will help both commuters and non-commuters alike. In particular, the elimination of several grade crossings will improve motorist safety and traffic flow in our communities while enhanced and renovated local stations will hopefully make traveling on the LIRR more efficient and a better experience for both daily commuters and those utilizing the system for leisure.

“As this project moves forward it is essential that the MTA fulfill the promises that they have made to the communities neighboring the LIRR main line. This includes keeping traffic and neighborhood disruption to a minimum during construction and ensuring displaced businesses are given the proper support that they will need to relocate. Further, given the state of the LIRR system as a whole I hope the MTA will continue to prioritize modernizing their infrastructure to bring Long Island commuters the quality of service they deserve.”