Statement by Assemblyman Moya Regarding Corona Landlord Threatening Undocumented Immigrants with Eviction

June 19, 2017

New York Assemblyman Francisco P. Moya, a lifelong resident of Corona and member of the Assembly’s Housing Committee, made the following statement regarding a Corona landlord’s letter intimidating immigrants in his building to prove their immigration status or face eviction.

“It is absolutely shameful that any NYC landlord, let alone one in a community as diverse as Corona, would stoop so low as to bully and threaten residents into revealing their immigration status. This is a direct result of Donald Trump’s cavalier hate-mongering, creating the impression that behavior like Mr. Reddy’s is now acceptable or even encouraged. Thankfully New York City law already stands in sharp opposition to these tactics, and landlords are prevented from ever denying housing on the basis of one’s immigration status. These families have lived in the building far before Reddy took over management. If he’d rather repeat Trump’s rhetoric and demonize undocumented immigrants instead of working to actually make the building safer, he should have never chosen to manage property in the world’s borough, much less Corona.

Immigrant families today already feel like they must look over their shoulders for black vests bearing the letters “ICE” on them. They’ve already begun to avoid local law enforcement, they forgo getting crucial services from agencies meant to help them, all out of fear that they may fall on someone’s radar and face deportation. New York must give no ground to those seeking to further add to these anxieties, out of their own personal prejudices and contempt, and we must be steadfast in enforcing the laws which uphold New York’s pledge to protect our vulnerable immigrant communities.