Assemblymember Harris Introduces Legislation to Provide Tax Relief for Veterans

October 6, 2017

Assemblymember Pamela Harris (D-Brooklyn) announced that she has introduced a bill that would create a tax credit for combat veterans who start their own business in New York State (A.8706).

“Veterans exemplify the very best in us,” said Harris. “Their dedication, service and sacrifice deserve to be rewarded. This measure is a way of offering the thanks they truly deserve by making sure they have the incentives and resources they need to propel them into entrepreneurship.”

New York State is home to over 800,000 veterans.1 Harris’ legislation would provide hundreds of dollars in tax credits to veterans who start their own businesses. Not only will this make communities across the state more welcoming to veterans to come home to and settle down in, but will also help create more jobs and grow local economies.

“Many times, veterans face issues like joblessness when they return home,” added Harris. “It’s so important that we show our veterans that they are not alone, and offer them the resources and the chance to create the small businesses that become staples of our communities.”