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March 15, 2018
 "On the federal level the U.S. Government by its officers and employees should not be subject to copyright…This bill is to clarify that and to say that copyrights, if a government has been instructed to produce a record or it takes on using public dollars to produce a public record, that that public record should be available to the public to receive and there are exemptions if it's artistic creativity, academic or scientific research those would not be under this copyright law," said Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Sponsor of A.2401 which guarantees that copyright claims should not chill the desire or ability of citizens to use public records to serve as an impediment to the economic interest of the State.

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Assemblywoman Galef discusses a bill she is introducing: A.1287. The bill lays out how Weschester and Putnam Counties can work with BOCES to consolidate school services and save taxpayers money, while keeping New York as competitive as possible with other states.