Statement of Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato on Capture of Murder Suspect and Continued Support for Familial DNA

February 6, 2017

“We are glad to hear that the Vetrano family may finally get some semblance of justice. It's been six long months, but the NYPD worked incredibly hard and should be commended for the caring, relentless and creative pursuit that led them to arrest a suspect.”

“Though there is nothing bigger for the family than seeing justice for the tragedy that befell their daughter, Phil and Cathie, along with my office and Senator Addabbo’s, have a vitally important mission we intend to see through. Our police are endlessly hard-working. The victims' families will do anything to pursue justice. The least we can do to honor them all is to use every tool already at our disposal, so the process of justice can move swiftly and fairly from here on out. This Friday, February 10th, I will be testifying before the State Commission on Forensic Science to implore them to allow Familial DNA matching in New York State.”