McLaughlin Deems Governor’s Virgin Island Trip A Self Serving Photo-Op

September 15, 2017

Today, Assemblyman Steve Mclaughlin (R,C,I-Troy) is criticizing Gov. Cuomo’s plan to visit the U.S Virgin Islands to evaluate the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. This trip comes after Gov. Kenneth Mapp invited Cuomo to come assess the damage and help with recovery efforts. The governor plans to bring an assessment team to evaluate the damage and identify how New York can best help those affected by the aftermath of the hurricane. Last week, New York’s Air National Guard sent 130 airmen with rescue helicopters, search rescue aircrafts and inflatable rescue boats to the islands.

“It’s extremely troubling that our governor is more fixated on disasters in other areas than he is on problems right here in New York,” said McLaughlin. “When the residents of Hoosick Falls were plagued by contaminated water the governor took months to visit the affected areas, but he’s now attempting to steal a national headline by acting as a compassionate leader. Gov. Cuomo will spend more time traveling to the Virgin Islands than he will surveying the damage from the storm, and this will all be funded by New York’s taxpayers. The governor’s trip to the Virgin Islands is merely a self-serving photo-op and an insult to New York’s hard-working taxpayers.”