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March 14, 2018
"Gov. Mario Cuomo created a model program for early intervention to help little kids, little babies, get off on the right foot; to help them overcome some of their challenges. This administration has decreased rates, has burdened our providers with very burdensome paperwork requirements and has held the rates, and the amounts of money available for early intervention, flat. This Assembly proposal reverses that. It increases rates for providers, it rejects some of the additional burdens that the governor is proposing and it comes up with a very imaginative proposal called Covered Lives, which would require insurance companies to contribute $25 million to the state fund and it would relieve everyone, including the insurance companies, of the burden having to deal with the paperwork for every hour for every child that gets services," said Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti while speaking on the Assembly's 2018-19 budget proposal. (K.912)

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Watch live video footage of the Westchester Assembly Delegation's Budget Hearing on the proposed 2017 NYS Budget.