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January 30, 2018
"One thing I take back from Dr. Walker's legacy was understanding that he did have a significant roll being an extended founding father of this nation in his role in the Civil Rights Movement. Being an author, a graduate of Colgate Divinity School, but more important than that, someone who continues to carry the legacy of Dr. King. We often talk about Dr. King's legacy, we talk about how we revere it, but this is a man who walked it, who carried it, each and every day. So I want to thank my colleague from Harlem and all those who benefitted from Dr. Walker, whether you know it or not. He was a giant in all of our lives," said Assemblymember Walter T. Mosley during the legislative resolution mourning the death of Wyatt Tee Walker, civil rights leader, pastor, and devoted member of his community. (K786).