Assembly Majority to Hold Rochester Hearing on Budget
Public invited to comment on the impact of the governor's
budget on the Monroe County region

The Assembly Ways & Means Committee and the Monroe County Majority delegation will hold a public hearing to discuss the governor's proposed budget and the impact it would have on the region.

Assemblyman Herman "Denny" Farrell, Jr., Chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, will be joined by Assemblymembers David Gantt, Joseph Morelle, Susan John, and David Koon at a hearing on:

March 14, 10 a.m.
City Hall Council Chambers
30 Church Street, Rochester

To testify, call Assemblyman Gantt's office at 585-454-3670, Assemblyman Morelle's office at 585-467-0410, Assemblywoman John's office at 585-244-5255, or Assemblyman Koon's office at 585-223-9130.

The Assemblymembers noted New York's economy has languished under the governor's policies. If New York's employment had grown at the same rate as it did nationally during the economic expansion of the 1990s, they said, the state would have 476,700 more jobs statewide. New York ranks 40th in the nation for job-growth under the governor's failed economic development policies; New York's economy has suffered long before the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Governor's budget makes the wrong choices

The governor's proposed cuts would drastically affect families in the region:

  • School districts in Monroe County face cuts of $67 million and more than 1,600 children would lose access to pre-K. In fact, it would take a property tax levy increase of 11.4 percent just to maintain current services.
  • The price of a college education will increase. The governor proposes nearly $703 million in cuts to higher education, of which $27.8 million directly affects colleges in the Greater Rochester area. His $1,200 SUNY tuition increase, TAP cut, and cuts to private college aid will push the dream of a college education out of reach for many families.
  • Rochester-area hospitals can expect to see a $23.9 million loss in Medicaid revenue. What's worse, area residents will pay much higher premiums, and 48,000 workers statewide could lose their jobs.
  • The Empire Zone program is one of the most successful job creation initiatives in state history; communities across New York have attracted jobs with the benefits provided. Job growth is especially critical in the Finger Lakes region, for example, which has less than half the job growth than the state as a whole. Now the governor proposes to cut $3.5 million from local zone administrators - undermining the effectiveness of the program.

Any of these cuts on their own would be hard for the Western New York economy to bear, the delegation said, but taken together, they're disastrous. That's why the Assembly Majority is looking to the public to learn more about the impact the governor's would have on the region.