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Ribboncutting For Nursing & Baby Changing Facility

Legislative Office Building, Room 926 A, Albany, NY
Tuesday, March 4, 2008 [12:30 P.M.]

Thank you, Pat (Assembly Member Eddington).

Senator Bruno. Women's Caucus Chair, Assembly Member Pat Eddington. Members of the Legislature. Members of the Media.

On this 4th day of Women's History Month, let me commend the Legislative Women's Caucus and their distinguished Chair, Assembly Member Patricia Eddington, for their leadership in establishing this nursing and baby-changing facility, and for ensuring that similar facilities will be available throughout the Legislative Office Building (L.O.B.) and the Capitol.

My thanks to Senator Joe Bruno and to our colleagues in the Senate for providing a room for nursing and baby changing, thereby ensuring that there will be one of these important facilities on each and every floor of the Legislative Office Building.

For too long, mothers who entered the halls of their state government with their infant sons and daughters had little choice but to breastfeed their children in public places.

For too long, parents who brought their toddlers to this building were forced to clean and change their diapers on the floors of public restrooms.

That changes today.

I am proud that the Assembly - the People's House of the State Legislature - led the effort that made possible the installation of these important and private facilities.

Each and every year, hundreds - if not thousands - of advocates come to the Legislative Office Building and to the Capitol to meet with their legislators and to experience the legislative process.

While I believe that we have done a good job of ensuring that these buildings are accessible to everyone, government leaders must be ever vigilant and always sensitive to the changing needs of the citizens we serve.

These nursing and baby-changing facilities will make the Legislature more "user-friendly" to the parents and to the families who come here to participate in their government. That should always be a priority of this government.

I am proud to join Senator Bruno and Chairwoman Eddington in cutting the ribbon to officially open this new facility.

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