January 8, 2014

Speaker Silver Applauds Governor Cuomo's
2014 State-of-the-State Message
Assembly Supports Universal Pre-K Expansion Across the State

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver praised Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2014 State-of-the-State Message, commending the Governor for including the expansion of universal pre-K among the state's top priorities.

"My colleagues and I are longtime supporters of universal pre-K. If we are to both expand the current half-day program to a full-day and also increase the number of students participating in the program, more state resources must be committed to ensure our children reach their full educational potential. This is an investment not only in our kids but also the state's economic future," said Silver.

"Students who start their educational experience earlier will be more competitive in the global economy," added the Speaker who noted the Assembly has championed and supported the expansion of full-day universal pre-K since 1996.