March 17, 2014

By Not Passing the DREAM Act, Senate has Failed New York's Immigrant Youth

Today the State Senate had the opportunity to pass the DREAM Act and help make a college degree a more reachable goal for New York's immigrant students. Doing so would have granted thousands of young men and women eligibility for state financial assistance, opening doors to countless educational opportunities and greater chances for these immigrant youth to become thriving members of our state economy. Unfortunately, the Senate's failure to pass the DREAM Act means that these students must defer their dreams even longer.

The Senate's refusal to pass this crucial measure is disappointing to me, but more importantly, it is blatantly unfair to the thousands of talented, ambitious young New Yorkers who are being denied a college education, simply because of their immigration status.

The Assembly Majority has long championed college affordability for all of New York's students. The Senate's actions - or lack thereof - only serve to strengthen our resolve. We will not stand idly by and let the dreams of New York's immigrant youth dissolve. We will work to make sure that the voices of these students - who know no other homeland - are heard loud and clear. We will lead the way and continue fighting to ensure full passage of the DREAM Act, once and for all.