May 13, 2014

Assembly Passes Legislation to Protect Tenants and Preserve Affordable Housing

Speaker Sheldon Silver joined with Assemblymember Keith L.T. Wright, chair of the Housing Committee, today to announce the passage of a series of bills that will strengthen rent regulations and increase New Yorkers' access to affordable housing.

"This legislation will preserve and strengthen New York's rent laws ensuring that housing remains affordable for working families. The Assembly Majority is taking another step toward addressing the housing crisis by preventing residents from being priced out of their homes and out of the New York City area," said Silver.

"The shrinking of affordable housing stock is driving up homelessness in New York City. We must prevent the erosion of affordable housing to ensure that low- and middle-income families can remain in their communities. The measures approved by the Assembly will protect generations of New Yorkers from skyrocketing housing costs and arbitrary evictions," said Wright. "I hope these bills receive swift passage in the New York State Senate."

Several studies demonstrate that over 300,000 rent-stabilized apartments have been removed from regulation in New York City and the surrounding metro area. Legislation approved by the Assembly would preserve and restore much-needed affordable housing units to help working families remain in their neighborhoods.

Initiatives to preserve and strengthen rent protections for affordable housing include:

Unit vacancy protections include measures to:

Actions related to the New York City Rent Guidelines Board Action would: