June 30, 2014

Speaker Silver Statement on the Murder of Three Israeli Students

The tragic news of the murder of the three Israeli students is profoundly disheartening. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these bright and innocent young men, as well as with the State of Israel and parents everywhere who want nothing more than to raise their children in world free from violence and hate.

The kidnapping and coldblooded murder of Jewish boys by Hamas makes clear to the world yet again that attempting to tame savagery with reason is utter futility. Hamas will never embrace peace and civility.

I call upon President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry to end the futility and break off all negotiations with the Palestinian Authority until it ceases to be a haven and a shield for Hamas terrorists.

These murders will be met with swiftness and severity, and a message will remain clear that the Jewish State will never be driven from the civilized world.