November 5, 2014

Assembly Preserves and Strengthens
Majority Conference
Statement from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

Congratulations and welcome to the new members of the Assembly Majority Conference:

Kimberly Jean-Pierre, 11th Assembly District

Todd Kaminsky, 20th Assembly District

Rodneyse Bichotte, 42nd Assembly District

Jo Anne Simon, 52nd Assembly District

Erik Dilan, 54th Assembly District

Latrice Walker, 55th Assembly District

Roxanne Persaud, 59th Assembly District

Charles Barron, 60th Assembly District

Guillermo Linares, 72nd Assembly District

Rebecca Seawright, 76th Assembly District

Latoya Joyner, 77th Assembly District

Michael Blake, 79th Assembly District

Carrie Woerner, 113th Assembly District

There are additional seats that are still undecided which could further add to the Assembly Majority.

In a time rife with divisive politics, the Assembly Majority has been busy passing legislation and discussing issues that really matter to the people of New York. Voters clearly recognized and supported our efforts to raise the minimum wage, provide tax relief for the middle class, increase access to child care, protect our most vulnerable citizens, and dramatically invest in education and foster job growth.

Over the years, our strong majority has allowed us to take the lead in crafting legislation that serves as a model for states across the country. Going forward, the Assembly Majority will continue the fight for a higher minimum wage, a DREAM Act for immigrant youth, increased funding for our neediest schools, and the enactment of the full Women's Equality Agenda, including protecting a woman's right to choose.

This year's election has allowed us to build on and strengthen our majority, and we look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and our partners in government to continue to move New York forward and help improve the lives of its citizens.