October 21, 2015

Speaker Heastie: New Women's Equality Laws an Important Step, But More Needs to Be Done

Earlier this year, my Assembly colleagues and I renewed our long-standing commitment to putting the needs of working families first. Here in New York State, women make up approximately half the workforce and are an integral part of our communities. That is why the fight for women's rights is not just a women's issue: discrimination in the workplace, domestic violence and unfair pay practices are problems that hurt our economy and affect us all.

For too many years, we have heard testimony from women across the state struggling to secure the full and equal rights they deserve. Now, with the passage of several new laws designed to prevent workplace discrimination, strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and ensure reasonable accommodation for pregnant women, I'm proud to say we're one step closer to truly achieving women's equality and, in turn, bolstering our state's success.

While New York has taken important steps on the path to securing full and equal rights, there's still more work to be done. The Assembly has long championed issues important to New York's families, including ensuring equal pay for all, a higher minimum wage, and access to safe and affordable childcare. We will also continue to lead the way in ensuring women are able to control their reproductive health - a fundamental component in the fight for women's equality. I assure you we in the Assembly will never stop fighting to make this a reality.