April 22, 2016

Speaker Heastie Statement on Earth Day

As we commemorate the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, the Assembly Majority renews its longstanding commitment to preserve our beautiful state and protect is natural resources. As one of the most populous states in the nation, we are proud of the progress we have made to reduce our footprint and mitigate the hazardous effects of climate change. The recently enacted 2016-17 state budget provided a historic $300 million investment in the Environmental Protection Fund and took important steps to ensure the quality and safety of New York's water supply and infrastructure.

Over the years, the Assembly's stewardship of earth-friendly investments has allowed our state to boast one of the most energy efficient public transportation networks in the nation. We want to ensure that transportation systems in New York continue to set an example for environmental responsibility. We look forward to working with our communities, New Yorkers across the state, and all our partners in government to build on this progress and lead our state and our planet into a brighter more sustainable future.