June 20, 2016

Statement from Speaker Carl Heastie on SCOTUS Action
Preserving State Assault Weapons Bans

In the wake of the devastating tragedy in Newtown, CT that shattered so many lives, New York boldly stepped up to do what was necessary to keep our communities and our citizens safe. We have long recognized that military grade weapons have no place in the streets and neighborhoods where our children play and where families deserve to live without fear.

Too many times we have watched as broken-hearted families plead in vain for Congress to do the right thing and pass stronger gun control laws to keep these weapons of mass destruction out of the wrong hands. As we continue fighting to defend our way of life against all threats, both foreign and domestic, it is absolutely critical that we do all we can to ensure that we have the strongest and smartest laws possible to address the issue of gun violence. New York's SAFE ACT, which includes a ban on assault weapons, can serve as a model for the rest of the country. This stands as a testament to our promise and our duty to protect the citizens we serve.

As the nation once again finds itself in mourning over another deadly attack that has stolen more innocent lives, I am encouraged and thankful that the Supreme Court has chosen to permit these important laws to stand as they are.