June 23, 2016

Statement from Speaker Heastie on SCOTUS Immigration Ruling

Today's Supreme Court split decision in the case challenging President Obama's efforts to protect nearly five million people from deportation is a disappointing blow to immigrant communities across the country, and especially for those here in New York. The President's programs offer hope and opportunity for those that have come to the United States seeking a better life for their loved ones. Instead, this decision will leave their fate up in the air.

Here in New York, and all across this great nation, immigrants are an integral thread in the fabric of our daily lives. They are the hardworking men and women in our workforce. They are our schools' bright students. They have shown us their rich cultures and embraced ours. They represent what makes our nation great.

It is time for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, this decision further highlights the desperate need for the U.S. Senate to take action and consider President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Their inaction is a huge injustice to millions of immigrants in this country, a significant number of whom call our state home.