July 8, 2016

Statement from Speaker Heastie

There is simply no possible justification for the senseless shootings of law enforcement officers in Dallas, Texas last night. Indeed, the events of the last few days are tragic and unconscionable on all fronts, but in our grief and sadness we must recognize that there is no place for those who would inflict new wounds - wounds that will never be a cure for suffering. Vengeance is never a substitute for progress. Indeed, our only enemy is inaction and our only weapon is change.

These tragedies are a painful reminder that we need to confront our unfinished business on matters of improving community and police relations, addressing poverty and education, and on the issue of guns and those who would use them to steal innocent lives. We can and we will overcome these terrible circumstances, but only when we take anger and hate out of the equation and focus our energy on the future we want for our children.