April 3, 2017

Speaker Heastie Statement on Budget Extender

Throughout these budget negotiations the Assembly Majority has made it clear that our goal is, and always has been, to prioritize the health and well-being of New York's families and communities. Today, we passed emergency measures to ensure the continuity of government and the essential services New Yorkers are relying on.

The Assembly Majority is committed to achieving a final budget agreement that keeps the promise to our students by preserving foundation aid for public schools as well as broadens access to higher education opportunity programs for middle and low income families. This conference will push forward in our efforts to raise the age of adult criminal responsibility so that our years long goal to end the unjust treatment of young offenders in the justice system can finally be realized. We have not forgotten the challenges facing our working families or the calls of our upstate and suburban communities for greater choice in transportation alternatives and the need for critical housing and water infrastructure support.

We will continue working with our partners in the Senate and the Governor to reach a full resolution on these remaining priorities as quickly as possible.