September 5, 2017

Statement from Speaker Heastie on President Trump's
Heartless Decision to End DACA

Since its founding, the United States has stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity for citizens around the world. Indeed, we are a nation of immigrants, but President Trump's decision to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy is a devastating blow to our reputation as a symbol of freedom. In New York State, this decision will impact some 42,000 beneficiaries who are already pursuing a career or contributing to our economy to fulfill their American Dream and better their future. Sadly, this is yet another step in this President's heartless agenda to divide our country and rip families apart.

DACA has offered hope and opportunity for those that have come to the United States seeking a better life for their loved ones. It has protected immigrants who came to this country as children and know of no other home. One thing is abundantly clear: this nation needs comprehensive immigration reform. Yet while Congress has failed to act, DACA has safeguarded our nation's immigrants and has allowed so many to come out of the shadows.

Here in New York, immigrants are an integral thread in the fabric of our daily lives. That is why the Assembly Majority will continue its fight for policies that protect our immigrant communities, like the New York State DREAM Act. We also fully support the state's initiative to take legal action against this destructive decision that will doom these children to an uncertain fate. The Assembly Majority stands ready to continue protecting immigrant New Yorkers, but we also demand that our representatives in Washington stand up to Trump's divisive agenda and take swift action to protect our nation of immigrants.