October 6, 2017

Speaker Heastie Statement on Washington's Decision to Reduce Reproductive Health Options for Women

Today in Washington, the Trump administration delivered a massive blow to women's health care by allowing even more employers and insurers to exempt themselves from covering contraceptives. Unlike the Trump administration, the Assembly Majority firmly believes that reproductive health choices should be made exclusively by a woman and her doctor - never her employer.

The Assembly Majority recognizes that by ensuring women are able to have control over their family planning decisions, outcomes improve for everyone. Access to contraceptives has allowed women to achieve greater success in education and the workplace, which we know means healthier and more financially secure families.

For years, the Assembly Majority has fought to pass legislation that would protect the reproductive rights of women in New York State, including legislation to expand insurance coverage to include more contraceptive options than currently is required under federal law. We are committed to increasing access and options for women, not restrictive and regressive policies that eliminate them.

For far too long, women's reproductive health rights have been under attack in this country. The Assembly Majority recognizes the need for progressive federal action that respects a woman's right to make her own health care and family planning decisions. New York will never move backwards. No matter what happens, we will continue to lead the charge on this issue by advocating for women's complete autonomy over their bodies and choices.