Speaker Heastie Statement on the State of the State Address

I am proud that Governor Hochul returned the State of the State address to the People’s House.

It has been two years since New York became the epicenter of this global health crisis, and – evidenced by my own positive COVID-19 test – we are not out of the woods yet. Throughout the pandemic, we have fought tirelessly to restore New York to the place we know and love – to support our mom-and-pop shops and local restaurants, to keep our friends and neighbors in their homes, to strengthen the safety net for our most vulnerable communities, and to support students and schools.

The governor outlined numerous proposals in her address, and in the coming weeks we will be reviewing them so that together we can improve the lives of all New Yorkers. In the Assembly, we have and always will put families first and fight for the everyday needs of the people we represent. I look forward to working with Governor Hochul and my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to keep our kids in school, get New Yorkers back to work, and ensure that everyone has a chance to grow and thrive.