Speaker Heastie Announces Assemblymember Zebrowski Appointed Temporary Co-Chair of LATFOR

Speaker Carl Heastie today announced that Assemblymember Kenneth Zebrowski has been appointed to be the temporary co-chair of the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment (LATFOR).

“The results of reapportionment will determine the path our state and our nation take for the coming decade,” Speaker Heastie said. “I know that Assemblymember Zebrowski is the right person for the job, and will treat this position with the gravity and diligence that it requires.”

“I am honored to be entrusted with this role,” Assemblymember Zebrowski said. “The once in a decade process of redrawing the state legislative and congressional districts is critically important to communities everywhere and the work of the task force is essential to ensuring fair representation for the people of New York.”

LATFOR is tasked with researching and studying the techniques and methodologies to be used by the U.S. Commerce Departments’ bureau of the Census in carrying out the decennial federal census. The task force aids the Legislature by providing technical plans for meeting the requirements of legislative timetables for the reapportionment of Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts. It also conducts research projects relating to the collection and use of census data and other statistical information. LATFOR consists of six members, including four legislators and two nonlegislators.