Speaker Heastie Statement on Illinois House Speaker Welch's Visit to Albany

Tomorrow, my Assembly Majority colleagues and I will have the pleasure of welcoming my friend and counterpart from Illinois, Speaker Emanuel Chris Welch, to the People’s House in Albany. Speaker Welch will also be joined by Illinois House Representatives Marcus Evans and Kam Buckner.

In March of this year, I had the unique pleasure of visiting the Illinois House of Representatives and Speaker Welch as their first visitor in two years. Both Speaker Welch and I have the honor of being the first Black speakers of our respective chambers, and visits like these are an incredible opportunity to discuss our experiences and learn from one another.

My colleagues and I look forward to our time with Speaker Welch and Representatives Evans and Buckner in Albany tomorrow.

Speaker Welch Statement on Visit to Albany

I truly enjoyed welcoming Speaker Heastie to the Illinois State Capitol earlier this year, and I’m eager for my first trip to Albany to get a better understanding of how the New York State Assembly functions. With recent events, it’s more important than ever that Democratic states work together to uphold the values of this nation. I look forward to this opportunity for collaboration and to learn from our shared experiences.