Speaker Heastie Joins Assemblymember Conrad on Summer Tour to Announce $1 Million Assembly Investment in Splash Park in Town of Tonawanda

Speaker Carl Heastie today continued his statewide tour by joining Assemblymember Bill Conrad in the Town of Tonawanda to announce a $1 million investment for a new splash park at the Brighton Recreation Complex.

“This year’s statewide tour has allowed me to see exciting investments we are making in recreational parks for communities across the state,” said Speaker Heastie. “This new facility in Tonawanda will give families a fun way to stay active and cool during the summer months. Assemblymember Conrad has worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality for this community and I am honored to be here with him today to announce this investment.”

“For years, this community has been without a pool to provide summer recreational opportunities for residents and families,” said Assemblymember Conrad. “This new splash park will fill a need that the community has been sorely missing. I thank Speaker Heastie for his commitment to helping communities like Tonawanda across the state and for being here today for this special announcement.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Conrad visited Brighton Park together to announce the Assembly’s investment of $1 million to construct a splash park to replace the town’s pool that has been closed for several years after falling into disrepair. As part of the town’s broader plan to enhance its recreation facilities, the Brighton splash park would offer both the neighborhood residents and families across the area an all-inclusive summertime resource. A splash park would be operable even amid an ongoing lifeguard shortage, and more importantly, it would be accessible to users of all ages and abilities