Speaker Heastie Statement on Passage of the Equality Amendment

Speaker Carl Heastie stands with advocates at the 2023 Planned Parenthood Day of Action in Albany to support the ongoing fight to protect reproductive rights in New York.

Today, we passed the Equality Amendment for the second time, which, if approved by the people, would enshrine in our constitution expanded protections for the civil rights of New Yorkers and ensure that no one is denied the opportunity to fully participate in society on the basis of their identity. The Assembly Majority has been a champion of protecting civil rights under state law, and not waiting for the federal government to act. We have passed legislation to protect the right to access contraceptives and abortion, protections for LGBTQ New Yorkers, preventing racial discrimination in voting laws and working to remove racial disparities within our criminal justice system. But we know these fights are not finished. Across this country, at all levels of government, we have seen a worrying trend in rolling back and limiting the rights of Americans. We will not allow that to stand in New York.

I look forward to voting for the Equality Amendment once again when it goes before the voters in 2024.