Speaker Heastie Begins Annual Statewide Tour on Long Island

Speaker Carl Heastie began his annual statewide tour today on Long Island, joining Assemblymember Steve Stern at the Huntington Highway Department to discuss the continued efforts to fund infrastructure in communities across the state.

“The more we invest in the infrastructure of our communities, the better chance we’re giving future generations,” Speaker Heastie said, “I’m proud of the work we continue to do to ensure our communities have the resources they need to maintain their infrastructure. I’m excited to join Assemblymember Stern to see this work in action today and the impact it’s having on Long Island.”

“I’m honored to have Speaker Heastie join us in Huntington today to see the exciting investments we’re making into the infrastructure of our community,” Assemblymember Stern said. “These trucks are vital to our continued effort to maintain our area and I’m grateful this funding was at the top of the speaker’s list. I will continue to fight for the funding needed to maintain our great community and I know this is just the first of many upgrades headed our way.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Stern met with Huntington Town Supervisor Edmund Smyth, Huntington Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino and members of the Huntington Public Works Department to highlight the several new heavy-duty trucks provided to the Public Works Department through funding secured by the Assembly Majority. The trucks will be used by the Huntington Highway Department to maintain, repair and upgrade local roadways and infrastructure for area residents.

Speaker Heastie, Assemblymember Stern and the Assembly Majority continue to be committed to funding the infrastructure of communities across the state by providing the tools needed to protect residents’ quality of life.