Speaker Heastie Continues Annual Statewide Tour with Stops in Tarrytown, Irvington and Dobbs Ferry, Announcing $2.1 Million for Infrastructure Projects

Speaker Carl Heastie continued his annual statewide tour today with Assemblymember MaryJane Shimsky where they visited the Tarrytown Riverfront in Tarrytown, the “Yesterday” sculpture in Irvington and the Dobbs Ferry Waterfront in Dobbs Ferry. During the tour, Speaker Heastie announced that $2.1 million will be headed to infrastructure improvements across the communities.

“I want to thank Assemblymember Shimsky for inviting me to tour her incredible community and see the work they’re putting into modernizing their infrastructure,” said Speaker Heastie. “Our waterfront communities continue to be disproportionately impacted by aging infrastructure, but the Assembly Majority remains committed to providing our communities the tools they need to repair docks, bridges and maintain all aspects of their neighborhoods for the next generation to enjoy.”

“I’m incredibly proud to showcase our beautiful waterfront communities to Speaker Heastie today,” said Assemblymember Shimsky. “But as our infrastructure continues to age, we face the real threat of our communities not lasting long enough for future generations of New Yorkers. I continue to put infrastructure maintenance at the top of my priority list and am working with my Assembly Majority colleagues to ensure we have the support needed to keep all our local infrastructure in working order.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Shimsky began their day with Tarrytown Mayor Karen Brown to see the infrastructure projects taking place to dredge the marina, repair the H-Bridge and reinforce the Tarrytown seawall. The H-Bridge will be repaired with $500,000 of the $2.1 million Speaker Heastie announced today. This is in addition to the previously announced $150,000 Assembly Majority investment to help the town repair a dock for the Tarrytown Emergency Services Fireboat.

After Tarrytown, they traveled to Irvington with Irvington Mayor Brian Smith to view the “Yesterday” sculpture by local artist Vinnie Bagwell which depicts a young girl once enslaved by local farmers. Two local researchers discovered the girl’s story and worked with the school board to place the sculpture on school grounds ensuring her history is told to the next generation. While in Irvington, Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Shimsky announced $100,000 of the total $2.1 million announced to support the Village's electric vehicle charging station initiative.

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Shimsky finished their tour with a stop at the Dobbs Ferry Riverfront with Dobbs Ferry Mayor Vincent Rossillo to see the waterfront-related infrastructure concerns plaguing the town. Here, the Speaker announced that $1.5 million will be headed to support the projects needed to repair the Dobbs Ferry bridge.