Speaker Heastie Continues Statewide Tour in Franklin County, Announcing $3 Million in Funding for Indoor Sports Facility

Speaker Heastie today continued his statewide tour, joining Assemblymember Billy Jones at the Malone Memorial Recreational Park to announce a new indoor sports facility and $3 million in combined funding from the Assembly Majority to help get the project off the ground.

“Ensuring our children and families have a place to go and play brings our neighborhoods closer together and I’m proud the Assembly Majority can support this project in Franklin County,” said Speaker Heastie. “The Assembly Majority remains committed to supporting our local communities in making their big dreams a reality.”

“There is need for more recreational activities for all ages in the North Country,” said Assemblymember Jones. “This new building will give us the spaces our community needs for indoor sports and support our local tourism initiatives. I want to thank Speaker Heastie and my colleagues in the Assembly Majority for their continued support of this effort.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Jones toured the Malone Memorial Recreational Park and discussed plans to build a new indoor sports facility just minutes from the park with help from $3 million in combined funding from the Assembly Majority. This new facility will bring a much-needed indoor center for youth sports and family friendly community events.

Assemblymember Jones previously secured $500,000 for renovations of a building located in the Malone Memorial Recreational Park, creating an art, cultural and athletic space for the community. He also helped the Malone Civic Center and Arena secure $500,000 for renovations and upgrades.