Speaker Heastie Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today my colleagues and I in the Assembly Majority passed a resolution commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 79th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

It’s a solemn day, where we remember the horrors committed by the Nazis against millions of people – including six million Jews – who were killed in the Holocaust. It’s a day that urges us not to forget the devastating impact hate can have on humanity.

This is an especially important reminder as our country continues to grapple with a rise in antisemitic attacks and hate crimes. Here in the Assembly, we strongly condemn any form of antisemitism, racism or intolerance and we remain committed to ensuring our state remains free from hate.

Our neighbors should not be afraid to walk home alone, our students should not be afraid to attend class and our communities should always be a safe place for all. My colleagues and I are committed to moving New York forward and ensuring hate has no place here.