Assembly Passes Legislation to Keep New Yorkers from being Charged for Additional Insurance Coverage After the Death of a Spouse

Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember David Weprin today announced the passage of legislation that would require auto insurers provide supplemental spousal liability insurance to insured drivers that have a spouse. Supplemental spousal liability insurance provides coverage against liability of an insured person because of death to or injuries to their spouse up to the liability insurance limits provided under their auto insurance policy.

“The last thing on your mind during the event of a death in the family or a divorce is changing your auto insurance coverage,” said Speaker Heastie. “By providing a yearly notification of the spousal coverage, consumers will know exactly what they’re paying for and can change their coverage without having to pay unnecessary bills.”

“This amendment to supplemental spousal liability insurance requirements under the insurance law makes this coverage even more transparent and helps New Yorkers understand that they could be paying for insurance they don’t need,” said Assemblymember Weprin. “This bill is another great step toward protecting consumers all across the state.”

By limiting the application of supplemental spousal liability insurance to the policies of insured drivers that indicate they have a spouse, this bill ensures that only those that need such coverage would automatically receive it. In addition, this bill gives any insured driver the option to purchase supplemental spousal liability insurance coverage upon written request and requires insurers to notify insureds upon policy issuance, renewal or amendment whether their policy includes supplemental spousal liability coverage or, if not, the availability of such coverage (A9407, Weprin).