Speaker Heastie Statement on the Commencement of New York's First Early Voting Period

Beginning on Saturday, for the first time ever New Yorkers will have the opportunity to vote early in the General Election. Legislation that was passed into law this year will deliver a more equitable voting process by offering a nine day early voting period.

The Assembly Majority knows that voter participation is fundamental to our democracy. That is why, year after year, we have fought to ensure every registered voter has ample opportunity to get to the polls. While there are many obstacles to voting – transportation, work schedules, classes and child care, to name a few – voter participation is essential to making sure every voice is heard and that our government represents the people it serves.

My Assembly Majority colleagues and I have long fought to update our antiquated electoral process because we know that voting is a constitutional right, not a privilege. This year, we were finally able to see many of the bills we have championed become law, including early voting, combining the federal non-presidential primary and state primary, automatic voter registration transfers for in state moves and legislation to promote civic engagement.

This year, early voting will begin October 26th and continue through Sunday, November 3rd. Hours and polling locations will vary, so voters are encouraged to check with their local board of elections to confirm when and where they can vote early. Voters still have the option of casting their ballot on Election Day – which is Tuesday, November 5th this year.

Tomorrow, I will proudly cast my vote at 3 p.m. at my early voting location, Saint Anthony Church, 4505 Richardson Avenue in the Bronx. I encourage everyone to vote, and I hope this new system that incorporates early voting allows individuals to do so with greater ease.