Speaker Heastie Announces Assembly has Passed Legislation to Adjust Ballot Petition Requirements in the Wake of Public Health Emergency

Speaker Carl Heastie and Election Law Committee Chair Charles Lavine today announced the Assembly has passed legislation that would make necessary changes for filing designating petitions for the June 2020 primary for congressional, state senate, state assembly, judicial and any other candidates who will appear in the June primary election.

“The Assembly Majority fought hard to make voting easier and more accessible for all New Yorkers,” said Speaker Heastie. “Now more than ever, it is clear how important those reforms were. During this public health emergency, we are making appropriate changes to help ensure that our elections process will continue to run smoothly.”

“The Assembly Majority is committed to balancing the need to protect the health of New Yorkers and the need to continue the state’s electoral processes,” said Assemblymember Lavine. “Today’s legislation reflects our commitment to protecting public health and ensuring the integrity of our democratic process.”

Under the bill (A.10151, Lavine), the dates for filing designating petitions with the board of elections will be accelerated to Tuesday, March 17, 2020 through Friday, March 20, 2020. The legislation also requires the State Board of Elections to adjust the dates for filing objections, acceptances, authorizations, declinations, substitutions and lawsuits challenging or defending designating petitions, and would temporarily suspend the cumbersome process of the filing of opportunity to ballot petitions for the June 2020 primary election.