Speaker Heastie Statement on HEROES Act

During this global pandemic, our state is facing a growing number of extraordinary challenges. As I have continuously said throughout this crisis, assistance from the federal government is critical to maintaining vital programs and ensuring that New Yorkers can return to their everyday lives.

The HEROES Act, introduced by House Democrats this week, would provide much needed aid to states and local governments and addresses several inequities that were found in previous relief packages.

New York’s essential workers have been on the front lines of this healthcare crisis risking their lives to serve their communities, and they deserve to be compensated for their sacrifice. The HEROES Act would protect and promote the American workforce and acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice of these workers.

This legislation addresses the challenges that so many New Yorkers are facing, including housing instability, loss of income and food insecurity. I commend New York’s delegation to the House of Representatives for fighting to put families first. We cannot afford anything less.