Speaker Heastie Statement on Right to Monitor Act Going into Effect

For years, the Assembly Majority has fought tirelessly to bring greater transparency and accountability to our criminal justice system. Today, the Right to Monitor Act goes into effect, ensuring every New Yorker has the legal protections they need to do their part in that fight.

In recent years, videos captured and shared by the public have helped to shed a light on some heinous acts and the immeasurable pain they have caused. These violent videos - including the heartbreaking video of George Floyd suffocating to death - have awoken the nation and started a movement that demanded action.

The Right to Monitor Act ensures that New Yorkers are legally permitted to record and photograph police activity, giving individuals a legal course of action if an officer interferes with lawful recording. The law also protects an individual's right to maintain custody and control of the recording.

The Assembly Majority is committed to protecting the rights of New Yorkers, and to delivering a fair and transparent criminal justice system for all.