Speaker Heastie Welcomes New Members to the Assembly Majority

This was an election cycle unlike any other, but now, almost a month after Election Day, I am happy that we officially know who will be joining us in 2021 in the People’s House. I would like to offer my congratulations and give a warm welcome the newest members of the Assembly Majority:

  • Gina Sillitti
  • Khaleel M. Anderson
  • Jessica González-Rojas
  • Zohran Kwame Mamdani
  • Jenifer Rajkumar
  • Emily Gallagher
  • Marcela Mitaynes
  • Stefani Zinerman
  • Phara Souffrant Forrest
  • Chantel Jackson
  • Amanda Septimo
  • Kenneth Burgos
  • Chris Burdick
  • Anna Kelles
  • Jen Lunsford
  • Sarah Clark
  • Demond L. Meeks
  • William C. Conrad III
  • Jonathan D. Rivera

To our returning members, some who waited weeks to ensure every vote was counted and every voice was heard, congratulations and welcome back.

I am proud to lead one of the most diverse legislative bodies in the country and I know that this freshman class will bring new voices to our fight to move New York forward. As a state and a nation, we are facing incredible challenges, but we will rise to the occasion and work together to rebuild our economy, keep New Yorkers safe and healthy, and continue to make New York State a progressive leader.  As we head into a new session, I look forward to working with each and every one of our members, both the new faces and the old friends that make up our strong 107 member veto-proof majority, when we return in 2021.