Heastie Re-Elected New York State Assembly Speaker

Statement from Speaker Carl Heastie

I would like to thank my Assembly colleagues for entrusting me to serve as speaker of the People’s House for the fourth time. I am truly humbled by your faith in my leadership. It will undoubtedly be a challenging year, but I am confident that the wisdom of our long tenured members combined with the energy of our new members will help us overcome the challenges we face.

In the year ahead, our core values will not waver. As we confront the COVID-19 global pandemic, we remain committed to delivering our children a quality education and ensuring access to affordable housing, higher education and health care. We will work to get New York in a sound fiscal position and restore our place as a global economic leader. We look forward to getting our children safely back to school and hardworking New Yorkers back to work to get the wheels of our economy moving.

I look forward to working with all my colleagues in government to continue moving New York forward.