Statement from Michael Whyland, Communications Director to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

Instead of helping to move our state forward, Assembly Republicans are working overtime to stall efforts to help our communities by playing politics during a time when New Yorkers can least afford it.

Let’s remember, these are the same do-nothing politicians who just a few weeks ago sat idly by while Donald Trump worked to undermine our democracy and destroy our institutions. They said nothing after the President incited an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol that resulted in multiple deaths. They said nothing when the confederate flag was brought into our nation’s Capitol. Indeed, at least one of their members encouraged the protesters prior to the attack on our nation’s Capitol. Their political posturing now is pure hypocrisy.

We are in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis. Our economy is badly hurt and New Yorkers want us to get to work to develop solutions that help them. That is what Assembly Democrats will always focus on. Our Majority members understand the seriousness of the issues that have arisen and will address them responsibly. But Republicans who play these games will have to go back to their districts and explain to their constituents why they are more interested in trying to score meaningless political points than helping New Yorkers recover. In the meantime, our members are committed to getting the real work done.