Speaker Heastie Statement on Passage of the American Rescue Plan

I am so thankful to the members of our congressional delegation who have continued to fight for our state since COVID-19 first hit New York. I have said throughout the pandemic that the Assembly Majority would do everything we could to help New Yorkers to get through this global health crisis, but we could not do it on our own. During that time, members of our federal delegation fought for New York in Washington, even when the previous administration stood by. Together with President Biden, they have secured critical funding for our schools, for childcare, for small businesses, for state and local aid and more. This will allow us to get our kids back to school and for parents to find quality, affordable childcare so they can head back to work, and we can truly begin the process of economic recovery.

I would like to thank President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and our colleagues in New York’s congressional delegation- and especially U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer -for their work on behalf of our state, and look forward to continue working with them in the future to get New York’s economy back on track and recover from this devastating pandemic.