Speaker Heastie Statement on Resolutions Repealing Executive Orders

Today, the Assembly passed resolutions to repeal certain portions of a series of executive orders issued by the governor over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. These executive orders were issued in order to respond to the constantly evolving health crisis. Now, as New Yorkers continue to get vaccinated, and our infection rate continues to go down, there are executive orders that are no longer applicable or necessary. The resolutions repeal:

  • Portions of Executive Order 202.6 and 202.7, which applies to the Public Officer’s Law and relates to individualshired or brought in as volunteers to assist with state work during a declared emergency;
  • Executive Order 202.52, which requires food to be sold if an individual orders an alcoholic beverage at a state liquor authority licensed establishment; and
  • Portions of Executive Orders 202.86, 202.88 and 202.89, which relate to vaccine administration and penalties for improper administration.