Speaker Heastie Continues Annual Statewide Tour in Nassau County

Speaker Carl Heastie today continued his annual statewide tour in Nassau County with Assemblymember Gina Sillitti. Together they visited the Plandome Road business district to talk about the Manhasset sewer project, and toured damage homeowners in Manorhaven experienced during Hurricane Ida.

“Each year on my tour I have the opportunity to see the unique challenges that communities across the state face,” Speaker Heastie said. “Water and sewer infrastructure is critical to our communities, our economy and the health of our environment. The Assembly Majority will continue to work to invest in infrastructure and to help those who have been impacted by natural disasters to rebuild and recover.”

“My constituents here in the 16th Assembly District are facing challenges both manmade and natural,” Assemblymember Sillitti said. “I am so glad that Speaker Heastie was able to come and meet with the great small business owners and homeowners in our community who are working to get through issues with the costly and environmentally damaging septic systems and the mudslides as a result of Hurricane Ida.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Sillitti visited the Plandome Road business district that would benefit from the Manhasset sewer project. They spoke with Tommy Pagonis, owner ofLouie’s Restaurant and others about how the lack of sewer infrastructure is impacting local businesses, the community and the environment. Nitrogen pollution from wastewater is causing “dead zones” and destroying marine habitats on Long Island. Additionally, businesses are put under financial strain, as they are forced to empty out septic tanks or cesspools. These problems have been exacerbated by the financial hardships local governments faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, they also visited the Village of Manorhaven in Port Washington. The area experienced severe mudslides from the bluffs of the Village of Sands Point as a result of torrential rain during Hurricane Ida. They toured the home of Hassan Iman, a homeowner who suffered from home and property damage, and had to escape from the mud pouring down from the bluffs.