December 20, 2017

Speaker Heastie Statement on
Washington's Tax Plan for the Wealthy

Today, lawmakers in Washington passed a so-called "tax reform bill" that ensures all their wealthy donors and families like the Trump family will receive significant tax cuts while the American middle class faces tax increases, lost deductions and economic uncertainty. This is nothing more than a gift to the wealthy at the expense of hard working middle income families.

This legislation will create indefinite massive tax breaks for huge corporations and multimillionaires, while giving only temporary "tax cuts" to hardworking families. To add insult to injury, lawmakers snuck in a component to repeal provisions of the Affordable Care Act that will wreak havoc on our health care system, causing insurance premiums to rise while fewer people have coverage.

Unlike these reckless members of Congress, the Assembly Majority has always stood and fought for what is best for New York families. As we prepare to begin the legislative session this January, we will do everything in our power to protect New York families from Washington's greedy, shameless and misguided policies.